Much like a first date, you probably have lots of questions about the person you will be spending some time with. To make our relationship smoother, here are some frequently asked questions that will be helpful to put out up front so there are no surprises down the road. If I didn't cover something you want to know, just drop me a note or give me a call and I'll happily answer your questions.


Is your name Katie Rosenberg or Katie Genauer? And if it is "Genauer", how in the heck to do you say that? 

A little confusing huh. I got married in June 2015 (woot woot!) so my new married name is Genauer. For those of you who have changed your name, you understand what a process it is. Slowly transitioning things over, including my business name. 

Genauer is a hard one to say. Here are some hints: rhymes with Power; hard G sound in the beginning; G-now-er.
(Don't worry, I didn't know how to pronounce my now husband's last name for about 3 months into dating him.)


Are you a Mac snob or PC person?

Mac Snob, guilty as charged. I use a Mac platform for all my design work. Yes, there are pros and cons to Mac vs PC but for design I do believe Macs function much better. If you are a PC user (I don't judge), most files will be able to flow between platforms. Just let me know up front if you need to open native files on a PC so we can design around that from the get-go.  


Which programs do you use for graphic design?

For 92% of my design projects I use the Adobe Creative Suite (AKA: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop). Currently I am using CS CC. However, it is very easy to save down to previous versions if you are a few versions behind. 

There are special cases when a client needs a file in a different format, say Word or PowerPoint. It is totally understandable if you need a working file to make updates and edits after the initial design has been done. Let's just note this up front so the design is done in the appropriate program from the get-go. 


How long have you been doing design? You look like you are 12.

It is a complement to still be carded, or asked if I am twins with my sister who is 6 years younger. I have been in the field of graphic design for over ten years. I received a BA in Integrative Arts with a focus in Graphic Design at The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State). Throughout my career, I have worked at a number of in-house companies such as Door to Door Organics, Newell Rubber - Amerock, Ayers Saint Gross Architects + Planners, and SlimGenics Weight Loss Company. After gaining valuable experience in corporate environments, I branched out on my own to freelance design. Love every minute of it.